2010 and 2011: 2 World Championships in a row! (AD-IT)

The ISMF, International Ski Mountaineering Federation, approuved to change the World Championships to odd years from 2011 on.

The ISMF decided to change the World Championships to un even year. The main reason is to avoid having World Championships and Olimpic Games in the same year.

Therefore the European Championships 2011 (Claut-Italy) will be finally World Championships. So next European Championships will be in 2012 and the place is not yet decided.

According to ISMF website (www-ismf-ski.org), this decision still need to be formally confirmed from ISMF after havging the agreement of the organisers.

In 2010 a World Cup race will be hold in Claut in order to prepare the World Championships.

By now, the next step are the World Championships that will be hold in Andorra from 1st to 6th March 2010 (www.canillo2010.org).

Source: ISMF website.


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