Victories of China, Japan and Korea in the 1st Asian Championships in Tsugaike- (Nagano-JP)

The Japanese Mountaineering Association organized the 1st Asian Championships 2007, 31st March -1st April. The Ski Mountaineering National Teams of China, Korea and Japan attended to this event. The race had the official partnerships of Otari village authorities, Tsugaike ski resort, Nagano mountaineering federation and other groups.

The rain and the strong wind of the afternoon of the night before the race obligated to the organizers to prepare an alternative itineraries, but finally the weather improved and the race was held in the original itinerary with three uphills and three downhills into the National Park of Hakuba of 12 km with 1300m vertical gain and downhill…..

In the women’s category of the Asian Championships, it was a very close fight between the Korean Mi Hee Gwak and the Japanese Chigaya Mase that was decided in the last uphill in favor of the athlete from Korea. The third position was for the Japanese Michiko Horibe. Binghing Wang and Xiaodi Cui from China were the two first ranked in the Asia female junior category.

In the men’s category, victory of the Japanese National team with the former alpine champion Seiji Yamada in the first place. Yoshiyuki Sato and Minehiro Yokoyama were in second and third place.

In the Open category, the winners were two New Zealanders. Grant Guise, who raced this season in USA competitions, and Jane Harper were in the first place of the race. They reported that they are training for next 2008-Ski Mountaineering World Championships in Switzerland.

In the same days, Tsugaike is holding a seminar of ski mountaineering international judges-referees with 15 aspirants of four countries. This seminar has the economical support of the International Olympic Committee.

Men’s Scratch rank
1 Guise Grant NZE 1:49:52,6
2 YAMADA Seiji JPN 1:53:55,4
3 SATO Yoshiyuki JPN 1:59:01,6

Women’s Scratch rank
1 Harper Jane NZE 1:49:54,6
2 Gwak Mi Hee KOR 1:53:20,6
3 MASE Chigaya JPN 1:56:21,9


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