7/05 : Red Fox Elbrus

Red Fox company together with Russian Mountaineering Federation carry out the Red Fox Elbrus Race festival on May 6-11, 2009. The competition will take place in the Elbrus region, on the slopes of the tallest peak of Europe and in the most popular Russian mountain region.

Alpindustira Travel Company and the branch company Elbrus Travel Service will be glad to help you to visit this event.

Check our site: www.elbrus-team.com....

Except participation in competitions you can get acquainted with possibilities of ski ascents and tours on the magnific Central Caucasus. We will provide you with the corresponding invitation, accommodation, food, transport. If necessary we will help you to find a good guide.

Alpindustria-Caucasus tel. office +7 86638 71300, FAX +7 86638 71330
mailto: info@elbrus-team.ru

We also will help you to take part in competitions on ski-mountaineering on Kamchatka. They will take place on April, 22-26nd. Please contact chief@alpindustria-team.ru

Program of competitions.
6th May
19-00 Registration. Azau. Hotel \"Vershina\".
7th May
10-00 Man\'s, woman\'s team race.
14-00 Race opening ceremony. Glade Azau. Continuation of registration.
8th May
10-00 Man\'s, woman\'s individual race.
9th May
07-00 High-speed race to the West Elbrus Peak. Start: Garabashi, ²Bochki⌡, 3700 m.
10th May
Race on the snow-shoes.
18-00 Awarding. Closing ceremony.

Gallery of Red Fox Elbrus Race 2008

Chief competition judge . Sergey Bershov from Ukraine (Everest . 82, Traverse four peaks of Kanchenjunga . 89, first Lhotse South Face -1990 etc)

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