07/02: Gastlosen, registrations are definitively closed (CH)

Registrations are definitively closed. It will not be possible to register on site.
The persons on the Waiting List have been informed personally about their participation to the race.
A list of validated registrations is available here : http://www.gastlosen.com?page=inscription&ln=fr

The trails are generally in an excellent shape, the snow is fantastic. Weather forecast for Sunday are gorgeous. The race will take place on the original trails.

Wearing a UIAA-106 / EN-12492 approved helmet is mandatory, the mountain-bike helmet is no longer accepted. This applies to everybody, including populars. No approved helmet, no start. No exception.

TRAIL B : the shuttle bus for Abländschen is mandatory, the first bus starts from Jaun at 6:30 AM. Up there, the restaurant Zitbödeli will be open, there is plenty of room, you will wait in a warm place. Come as early as possible, if you can't climb in the last bus because it's full, you will not be able to start the race. Calculate an additional 10 minutes between the bus stop and the starting box.

Bib numbers will be distributed Saturday Feb. 6 from 2pm to 6pm at the hotel Cailler in Charmey, or Sunday Feb. 7 from 6am to 7am in the TPF building in Jaun. Do your best to come on Saturday, in order to avoid a riot on Sunday morning. Don't hesitate to ask someone else to grab your bib number if you can't be present yourself.

Last but not least, consider car-sharing. Please register on our partner's website http://www.e-covoiturage.ch to seek or to offer a seat in a car.

And finally, THANK YOU for your enthusiasm, your encouragements, your registrations. This avalanche of participants is the greatest reward for the thousands of work hours invested by the committee and the staff (all volunteers, of course).



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