03/04: The Dogtooth Dash returns this year as the Canadian Championships (CA)

The Dogtooth Dash returns this year April 3rd as the Canadian Championships. Newer, longer course with masters class, youth catagory and poker run. We’re looking to get youth involved and would like to support any under 19 year olds.

ISMF Training Camp in Italy(February) and China (January): reports from Andre Dugit

ISMF hold this winter 2 training camps, one in China (29/01/2010 - 01/02/2010) and another in Italy (22/02/2010 - 27/02/2010). Find attached the reports of the ISMF Technical Director, André Dugit and a complete comment of the Canadians taking part in Italy.

ISMF as well published the results of the election of athletes and coaches representatives.

14/03: Images of day 4 of Pierramenta (FR)

Check the gallery. Already online images of Josep Castellet and Miquel Marin.

14/03: Pierra Menta 2010 fourth trial : The favorites on the podium (FR)

Results Senior et Jeunes
Last step, today, the 14/03/10, for the great 25th Pierra Menta ! Troillet and Jornet-Burgada, really unattainable, won the race today and the 25th Pierra Menta. The italian women’s team Martinelli/Pedranzini did the same : after the victory today, this incredible duo won the Pierra Menta for the 4th time !

13/03: Pierra Menta 2010 third trial: Crazy Grand Mont! (FR)

Marc PinsachMarc PinsachOfficial images / Results / Results Youth
Today, the 13/03/10, occured the famous stage of the Grand Mont : a very peculiar day ! The race began at 7.30 am, in a very cold but sunny athmosphere. 3000 spectators were spread all along the course to support the competitors, singing, shouting and shaking big cowbells : crazy vibes in the mountain !

This helped the teams to climb 2632 meters of elevation gain, in 2h 33mn 15s for the best competitors : Troillet and Jornet-Burgada, really unattainable today !

13/03: Pierramenta, images of Grand Mont (FR)

Check the gallery. Already online images of Josep Castellet and Miquel Marin.

13/03: Pierramenta day 3: Roux - Miró, the queens of Grand Mont (FR)

Mireia Miró - Laetitia Roux: on the last changeMireia Miró - Laetitia Roux: on the last changeFinally a victory for the international female team! Mireia Miró and Laetitia Roux had both an excellent day and could take 3’53 to the Italians, probably not enough to win Pierramenta, but at last a good feeling for them.
In men’s category, Jornet-Troillet won again, follwed by Holzknecht-Lenzi. The third place was for the French Perrier-Bon Mardion, so they consolidate their 2nd place on the general Rank.

12/03: Pierramenta day 2: Ecoeur-Anthamatten won today! (FR)

Today's race in Pierramenta finished with an non expected winner: the Swiss team Ecoeur-Anthamatten.
The team Jornet-Troillet were leading during almost all the race, but Florent Troillet had a fall during the first descent and hurted his calf muscle, which obliged them to be more conservative in the descents. In addition, they had frozen camelback, so they could not drink as wished.
On the last ascent, Jornet and Troillet were overtaken by Ecoeur and Anthamatten, which did and impressive race today. The third place was for the French team Perrier-Bon Mardion.

Today's rank:
1. Yannick Ecoeur-Martin Anthamatten (CH)
2. Kilian Jorent - Florent Troillet (ES-CH)
3. Florent Perrier - William Bon Mardion (FR)

General rank:
1. Kilian Jorent - Florent Troillet (ES-CH)
2. Florent Perrier - William Bon Mardion (FR, 2'50)

On women, the Italians won again in front of the Spanish-French team Mireia Miró-Laetita Roux.

Skimo.org would like to thank Kilian Jornet for his phone-reports, which allowed us to have fresh quick news and results. Tomorrow skimo.org will be on the Grand Mont with many pictures, quick results and detailed reports.

11/03: 1st day Pierramenta (FR): Jornet-Troillet take already 2 minutes advantage! (FR)

On this first day of Pierramenta 2010, Kilian Jornet (ES) and Florent Troillet (CH) won with a confortable difference of 2 minutes the race. They took a good advantage on the first ascent and kept this differences until the end, keeping energies for the next 3 days.
In female category, the Italians Roberta Pedranzini and Francesca Martinelli won with around 3 minutes advantage over the French Laetitia Roux and the Spanish Mireia Miró.
The weather was sunny and very cold, and the racers found a hard frozen snow on the descents.

Today's rank:
1. Kilian Jorent - Florent Troillet (ES-CH)
2. Manfred reichegger - Dennis Brunod (IT, 2'00)
3. Florent Perrier - Wiliam Bon Mardion (FR, 2'13)
4. Lorenzo Holzknecht - Damiano Lenzi (IT)
5. Denis Trento - Matteo Eydallin (IT)

1. Roberta Pedranzini - Francesca Martinelli (IT)
2. Laetitia Roux - Mireia Miró (FR-ES, aprox 3'00)