International Ski Mountaineering Federation steps in a new era

Armndo MariottaArmando MariottaOn Saturday, 18.6.2011 the international federation of skimountaineering ISMF is inviting it’s member federations to the annual Plenary assembly in Barcelona/Spain. After 4 years, the election of the board is pending and good feelings are dawning.

20/03: Jornet/Blanc and Roux/Miró: winners of Pierramenta 2011 (FR)

Didier BlancDidier BlancFinal General Rank after 4th stage
Image gallery of Josep Castellet
Image gallery of yesterday, by Gerard Berthoud

Today Pierra Menta ended with the expected victory of Kilian Jornet and Didier Blanc. In female category, Laetitia Roux and Mireia Miró won with probably the largest advantage over the second female team of all the history of Pierra Menta, over one hour!

3rd stage of Pierra Menta: Jornet-Blanc and Miró-Roux Leading

_P2F9478_P2F9478General Standings after 3rd stage / Image Gallery of Gerard Berthoud

Kilian Jornet and Didier Blanc won today's stage of Pierra Menta, but only a few seconds ahead of the second team, the Italians Guido Giacomelli and Lorenzo Holzknecht. The third place was for Manfred Reichegger and Damiano Lenzi, and fourth for Martin Anthamatten and William Bon Mardion.

Giacomelli get back this way to the second plance of the general rank, thanks as well to the bad race today of the Italian team Eydallin-Trento which finished a few minutes behind.

Fourth stage of the World Cup Championship, Spain prevails in Val Martello (IT)

The yellow and red Spanish flag shines on the fourth World Cup stage that took place this morning in val Martello (South Tyrol), during the Marmotta Trophy. Both the winners are well known names of international ski mountaineering: Kilian Jornet Burgada and Mirela Miro Varela.

Who will be the Jennerstier 2011? (DE)

Take part in the Jennerstier ISMF Homologated Race at March 12th

For the first time ever, Germany will be hosting a race being part of the official ISMF race calendar. With the Jennerstier (“Jennerbull”) ISMF Homologated Race at March 12th, the racers will have the opportunity to take part in Germany`s most prestigious Skimo race.

El Gran Nord 2011 - Val d'Aran 12/03 (ES)

Less than two weeks for the celebration of the Grand Nord, the ski mountaineering race we were all waiting in the Aran Valley.

The first edition of the Grand Nord, will involve the collaboration of Jordi Canals, ex-tecnical director of ISMC and director of CTEMC.

World Championship Relays Results

Full results // Image gallery (123 images)

Results of the World Championship Realys race:

Arrival YouthArrival YouthSenior Men Relays
1. Italy
2. Switzerland
3. France
4. Spain
5. Austria

World Championships 2011 - new content

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Kilian Jornet and Mireia Miro: World Champions!!!!

1. Kilian Jornet (ESP) - 1'27'08
2. William Bon Mardion (FRA) - 1'27'19
3. Yannick Buffet (FRA)- 1'27'38
4. Didier Blanc (FRA) - 1'28'04
5. Manfred Reichegger (ITA) - 1'29'08