04/07: Skin to the Summit (NZ)- Holzknecht and Roux dominate down under

Lorenzo HolzknechtLorenzo HolzknechtThe Skin to the Summit vertical race took place on the 4th of July at Coronet Peak ski area, in Queenstown as part of the annual Winter Festival.
Not surprisingly Italian Lorenzo Holzknecht and Frenchwoman Laetitia Roux, who are both in New Zealand for the winter, dominated the short 480 vertical meter race in convincing fashion.

Holzknecht took only 19mins to reach the summit of Coronet Peak, while Roux was the 2nd across the line in 21mins a min ahead of NZ's strongest Grant Guise, with another Frenchmen, the young Theo Camus in 3rd (Camus has spent the last year in NZ making ski descents off some of NZ's heights peaks!)
Skin to the Summit: 4/07: Skin to the Summit (NZ) Top 3 males and femalesSkin to the Summit: 4/07: Skin to the Summit (NZ) Top 3 males and females
Next on the SkiMoNZ race calendar is the Craigieburn, in early September, were the competition will be like nothing New Zealand has seen before, with Spain's Javier Martin and Nejc Kuhar from Slovenia also set to be on the start line.
More info at www.skimonz.blogspot.com

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