06/03: Italia, Italia, Italia! Relays all "azzuro"!

Results Youth and Women - Results men. / Images
Gallery of Ricardo Selvatico
The World Championships came to the end with a complete "blue" day. Italy won the Relays on youth, senior women and senior men with athority and confirmed as the country Nr.1 in ski moutaineering, collecting 23 medals.

Austrain teamAustrain teamSwitzerland took 3 silver medals and France two. The positive surprise was the bronze medal of Austria in Senior Women. Austria, the country with most ski mountaineers, is getting slowly into competition. This year they took for the first time some medals: 1 gold and 1 bronze. We will for sure hear more about this country in the future.

The Skimo.org team in Andorra(Josep Castellet, Miquel Marín and Oriol Garrote) would like to congratulate the organisers for this big success and thanks them as well for the invitation to cover this event.

We will keep working for the ski mountaineering competitions and... see you in Claut in 2011!


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