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Joan Maria Vendrell

Birth date: 1976-08-04 (age:40)
Birth place: Barcelona (Spain)

In national selection (since 2006)
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Skimo id: 252
ISMF License: 856

Resident city: Broto (ES)
Club: CEC

Year started skimountaineering: 1992
Year of first competition: 1993
First competition: Ransol-Serrera
Favourite race: Pierramenta
Team or single races preferred: Teams preferred
Race best practices: Long races, descents and technical parts

Best Results: 1st Espoir Spanish Championhips 1998, 3rd Teams Spanish Championships 2005, 3rd Spanish VR Championships 2005, 27th Mezzalama 2005, 33rd Pierramenta 2004

First year in national selection: 2006

Skimountaineering idol: Fabio Meraldi / Germán Cerezo
Previous sport: Climbing, Alpinism, Squash
Other sports: Climbing

Skis: SkiTrab
Boots: Scarpa

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